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When last have you been happy to use a contractor, outsourced work or referred someone to your client, with absolute peace of mind that your client would receive top service and quality workmanship?


Before you answer the question above, how about we add this;

“That provides service and workmanship, at such a level of quality, you get all the praise“?

Apart from our Level BEEE 2 Status, Connect separates itself from all other contractors, by means of branding, it carries the partners brand on its vehicle and the team carries it on their clothing. IOW, when a cabling, UPS or relocation job is performed, the team will brand their car and clothing with: “Division of ‘your logo’ “. This we believe is critical, because we want the client to see it as a collaborated effort and brand continuity is important, because:


Connect is all about the above. Founded in 2014, because of the lack of quality driven, professional companies in the market, that can provide;
- Cabling installations and upgrades from Cat3 to Fibre
- Ups Solutions from offline to online units with dedicated circuits
- Electronic relocations, moving computers and servers with proper tagging and wrapping


Connect is a B2B company, situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We are only looking to do business with other Tech companies, companies specifically in the IT, CCTV, Time & Attendance and Telephony sectors. Partnerships with large corporate and franchisors are very well positioned for Connect as well.


Connect is proudly BEEE Level II, with Operations, Technical and Client Liaison teams. We are accredited with all relevant institutions and our technical teams install and provide solutions that follow strict ISO standards. Efficient Project management with task relevant certification, is how we attain our project/task efficiencies.


Connect, it’s what we do.

Awesome Features

Brand Continuity

The fact that Connect is fully branded (Clothing & Car) with the connect partner company branding.


Connect has its own ‘patent’ way of ensuring client needs and expectations are clearly understood , whilst ensuring you the partner fully involved and onboard with all project/job requirements. An EAD (Electronic Asset Audit ), will ensure Connect Partner and Connect Partner Client are fully aware of how we intend on achieving client satisfaction.

Above Average Reporting

All jobs , not matter how small or big will receive extensive reports with full colour pictures and layout diagrams (legends).


Ensures the Connect partner is able to enjoy the increase in employment equity policy. Click here to view our certificate

CONNECT it's what we do...

We make outsourcing profitable and more professional for Tech companies again.

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Our Services

If you have no peace of mind about using your Fiber installer, or electrician to perform UPS commissioning and/or using your support engineers to move your clients IT equipment between offices, then Connect will not only add value, but enable you to put a mark-up on already discounted priced services and solutions.

How do we do this?

Each of your clients requires cabling

  • Fiber Optic Laying Below and above ground, Terminating & Splicing
  • Category Cables Install, Patch and Cabinet; CAT 3 to CAT7 Krone
  • Certification All points are FULLY certified

Everyone needs a reliable UPS with batteries

  • Full range of UPS supplied 1 KVA to 200 KVA
  • Single phase and 3 Phase
  • Full commissioned Battery banks for up time
  • Up time solution from 2 hours to 24 hours
  • Dedicated circuits installed with COC

No Tech Company likes moving their clients IT equipment

  • We move computers, Servers, Cabinets and peripheral equipment
  • All items are tagged and wrapped for safety and security
  • Tagging ensures correct pairing



All of the above, can now be outsourced to Connect, with absolute peace of mind. By means of signing a CPA (Connect Partner Agreement), we will ensure a quality of service and the most effective costing. You the partner will grant Connect Exclusivity when and if these services are required, and in return, we commitment to service excellence, all while ensuring profitability for you the partner.
We are most effective doing your Cabling, UPS and Relocation work for your client, as you the partner.

About Us

Who we are

The story behind Connect

For many years, Anthony Roberts, founder of Connect, operated within the Technology Consulting and Servicing industry, predominantly in the SME and Corporate Arena’s.

As part of the offering or consulting service at the time, there was a need for cabling and IT relocation services. Making use of cabling companies, for the respective deployments or projects, over a combined period of 20 years, it was evident that the industry lacked the presence of a quality driven cabling company, with a big minded approach to technology solutions.

Simply put, a company that understood the intricacies of outsourcing, the value chain and project management within the cabling industry. Understanding Partnerships, Project synergies and, that work performed for a partner’s client, Franchisee, branch or project, has to be at the highest level of a quality, from inception to Sign off.

That’s why Connect was started in 2014, and has finally put together a team who believe in the above!

Connect is a proudly South African initiative , fully on board with promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment, by ensuring our site teams are fully representative of the employment act of 1998. By means of a rigorous selection process, only qualified, accredited individuals are regarded as part of the team @ Connect. All understanding the culture of sound project management and constantly learning and adapting to new industry standards.

Connect is a LEVEL 2 BEE company.

Over the last year, Connect has been involved with projects ranging from:

  • ABSA Cape Town (Foreshore Building - Rewire and Server Cabinet Install
  • PSG Cape Town (Tygerwaterfront building) - Collaboration for new offices - Impact
  • Capital Project Cape Town - Collaboration Chevron oil, Angola - Mobilizing offices
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Our Process

At Connect we achieve a happy client in only 4 easy steps. Enquire today!













Meet The Team

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts

Founder of Connect
Dylan Roberts

Dylan Roberts

Managing Director
Leon Fourie

Leon Fourie

Operations Manager
Chirashi Blessing

Chirashi Blessing

Technical Manager

Our Skills


Our Projects

ABSA Cape Town (Foreshore Building)

- Rewire and Server Cabinet Install

PSG Cape Town (Tyger Waterfront Building)

- Collaboration for new offices - Impact

Capital Project Cape Town

- Collaboration Chevron oil, Angola - Mobilizing offices.

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After receiving proof of this, we will match the price for the Connect Partner.
We ensure the client sees us as “A DIVISION OF” the Connect Partner.
We start the whole Work Flow process again, please see Fig1.1.

Pricing Table

Connect Guarantees that Pricing on ALL of its product and service offerings will remain at Industry Average, less 30%, AT ALL TIMES, to name a few;

  • CAT6 Point 20M <
  • Fiber per Splice
  • Laying of Fiber p/m Below ground routine
  • EAD - Workshop P/H
  • UPS Point (Red Plug) 20M < Twin & Earth
  • UPS Commissioning With Certification; per KVA
  • Relocation per PC (Incl. 50 KM)
  • R 695.00
  • R 150.00
  • R 49.00
  • R 550.00
  • R 995.00

  • R 395.00
  • R 110.00
  • R 600.00
  • R 95.00
  • R 25.00
  • R 350.00
  • R 595.00

  • R 200.00
  • R 95.00

Get in Touch

Contact Info

20 Andries Pretorius Street
Upper Oakdale
Bellville, 7530

Office: +27 71 194 6683
E-mail: dylan@we-connect.co.za